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Nobody cares but I'll post this anyways

2017-06-07 00:23:03 by Fluffy-Dasher

Hello. I am Monstie 64.

So I haven't been a regular on NG in like 2+ months and here's why (and to clarify, this isn't a permanent "goodbye")

I originally joined NG back in 2014 due to a "traumatic past" and severe IRL social isolation, no I will not go into depth about that, and because of those things, I joined Newgrounds as a means to make friends. Not because of the games, movies art etc, but for the socializing aspect. I wasn't good at socializing back then and  I was yet another angsty teenager who hated himself.

Lately, however, I've been getting a lot better at socializing both online on Steam, other websites and in real life. I'm no longer the socially awkward teenager I was back then, I'm more self confident in myself. I no longer need Newgrounds to be my outlet for socializing when I've already developed such a large circle of kind and caring friends for me in my life both online and IRL. And frankly, all my friends on here can be found on other platforms, especially Steam, and that's a good thing. Those people are the reason why I'd say NG positively influenced me.

I feel as though that the fun memories I had on here have passed, though. I'd have to compare NG to a drug addiction. The first time you come onto here, it's fantastic, but as you use it more and more, it wears off its effects. <-------- Update 6/7/2017 this is a terrible analogy

As for my personal life, I've been engaged in a LOT of stuff. I'm expected to get my first job in medicine by next year as an EMT-B, and I desire to goto paramedic school, the fire academy, take Tacical Combat Casualty Care classes (ie I work for EMS, but I can also work with law enforcement as a tactical medic), Disaster Mitigation classes and so on. I also aspire to use my heavy handed knowledge with a skill I used to dread to good use, and that would be math. I'm unsure, but I would like a double major in economics and engineering. But it'll take me 3 years to go through the fire academy, paramedic school and so on before I can start taking those classes.


Thank you NG for being a part of my life <3 I hope I can come on more frequently in the future, however, I feel like this website has fulfilled all my purposes in my life. For that, I am eternally grateful


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2017-06-07 00:43:09

I'm sorry to see you go, but I'm happy your life is taking shape.

Also, if you are serious about any higher level math like those in Econ and Engineering, then study up on trigonometry and geometry; having a good understanding of those two will greatly help develop your mathematical intuition.

Good luck though, I hope things work out!

Fluffy-Dasher responds:

Thanks man! I am too. I look at my past today, and cringe at the person I once was, but I'm really glad I've improved. Albeit, I still make mistakes I regret, but overall, I've improved a lot :D

And yeah, man. Trust me, I've been doing that with trig and geometry plenty on Khan Academy. :3

<3 <3


2017-06-11 13:56:43

Bye monsie I promise I won't tell none of your patients that you're a shitposting brony

Fluffy-Dasher responds:

Dude! It's been forever <3


2017-06-11 19:02:07

yeah it has been

You've always been a driven motherfucker and it's good to hear you're still working your hardest to follow your dreams. A while ago I said we should meet up but I don't live near you anymore so there goes my dream of standing on your shoulders and finally being tall. Your just gonna have to live life without ever being graced by my presence if you can manage that sorry buddy

But real talk I don't even have to tell you to keep on working hard cus I know you'll do it anyway, so in closing I'll just say everyone go bully @centaurora it'll be hilarious.

Fluffy-Dasher responds:

@Centaurora has been missing for 111 days on steam. Unsure why. Hope he's okay.

And yeah man, thanks for the support. <3 You have any accounts on discord/steam by any chance?


2017-06-12 16:31:21

Oh hey people are talking about me

Uh I've been really busy with school and shit so I haven't been playing video games at all

hey @chocomilk fuck you mane


2017-06-18 13:44:53

Nah I don't. I'm not really a video game person I don't fucks with steam or nothing like that. I'll always check in here occasionally though and see how you're doin and ask you for money and shit

Fuck you @centaurora I liked you better when you were zerodown (just kidding never change fucko)


2017-06-29 04:43:50

fuk u faget I've seen ur dik.

Fluffy-Dasher responds:

shome urs boi


2017-07-07 17:48:10

Ey man, i see you're still checking back with this site.
Just wanted to drop by and say; hope you're having fun with life and hope you're happy right now :) good luck with everything man!

(Updated ) Fluffy-Dasher responds:

Yeah, bro. I changed courses, and am going to get my EMT certificate first, then engineering degree second, theeeen either go to the fire academy or something else like police.