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Knowledge hell begins in 10 days

2017-08-12 00:29:03 by Fluffy-Dasher

In August 21, EMT school starts and this will be a very major first step in getting into medicine/firefighting, and hopefully, I will go above and beyond these skillsets with time and training.

I am very anxious myself. 24 hours of emergency room internship, 24 hours of ambulance internship, 500 hours of training/lectures. Anything could happen during those 48 hours, I could se dead people, etc but I will definitely see lotsa blood O=

Also holy shiet I lost contact with literally everyone on this site and I forgot my skype login ;w;

My school materials. I highlighted every page in the PEC book (1,200 pages) becaus i am just SO ANXIOUS AND A GREAT TWILIGHT SPARKLE MUAHAHAHA



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