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It's been 2 years. Where has my life been so far?

2017-10-18 13:37:35 by Fluffy-Dasher

Wow. It's been two years since I graduated high school and the military disqualified me, and 3 years since I joined NG. Well, a little over it. I think it was October 3rd when I got disqualified and June 18, 2015 when I graduated high school. Time honestly flew by me pretty quickly. Yes, I am Monster64

So what have I achieved? Or what have I done?

My first year of college was rather rough. I got 3 F's in classes and a <2.0 cumulative GPA on my transcripts. This year was really the one where I recovered very well from those failures. DUring this year, I turned 2 of those F's into A's, and the 3rd F I got is being worked on this semester, and so far I have a high 90% in that class. 

This year is also the year I decided to get good at mathematics. I used to suck at math. But then I decided to go on Khan Academy in February, and after 10 months of studying constantly at math, I am very well proficient in math subjects such as Calculus (differential, integral, AB, BC), trigonometry and Algebra. Calculus is honestly my favorite subject of those.

My EMT classes are going very well too. I've been nailing ALL of my tests so far, and I am confident I'll pass the national registry on November 5.

But what if I fail the NREMT?

I have my eggs in all sorts of baskets. Whether I pass or fail the NREMT, I have immediate plans to change my major to mathematics to aim for a bachelors degree in the field, while using the accolades of such a degree to give me a head start on an engineering program (probably biomedical). You see, being good at mathematics made my decision making in what I wanna do a lot more flexible than ever before. Prior to this year, a lot of fields scared me away because of the heavy math, but after this year, I absolutely LOVE math. Like wowzors.

The most important question in my life is Should i join firefighting, law enforcement or engineering?

Overall, my life is going GREAT. I've developed a shit ton of self discipline, and when I pass my NREMT, i'll work on ambulances as a job while I goto college. F*ck working in a grocery store.



why are you here?

2017-10-02 00:20:36 by Fluffy-Dasher